$100 credit not processing?  Tip from iPhone support


$100 credit not processing?  Tip from iPhone support
My wife and I have two iPhones. The $100 credit for my iPhone went through with no problem. But whenever I tried to claim the credit for my wifes phone I got an error message saying "we can't locate a record of your iPhone". I emailed the [email protected] and after a day, got a response telling me they had updated their software and to try again. Still didn't work, so emailed them back. They responded pretty quickly (on a Sunday no less!) telling me to _*try registering my iPhone at http://register.apple.com/, wait for the email confirmation from apple, then try the credit again.*_
Note: This is NOT the same as activating your phone through iTunes. This is the optional product registration site that Apple maintains that lets you register your Apple products. I haven't verified if this works yet, but thought I would pass along the tip.
When we originally ported my wife's phone over, we had some troubles. AT&T got it sorted out after a day or so, but I think what happened was her serial number and phone number weren't correctly associated in the Apple database. Hopefully this will fix it! I'll post an update if it works.
Update: registering the iPhone at register.apple.com did NOT help my problem. Note that if your iPhone credit goes through the first time, you should NOT need to register the iPhone again since the normal activation process should do it.
I suspect that the problem with my second iPhone and the credit is because we had problems with porting my wifes phone number from our old provider. For the first few days she had a different phone number. This required several calls to AT&T support to fix... and I think Apple probably has her serial number assigned to her ORIGINAL phone number instead of her current phone number. Hopefully will get that sorted out soon.
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