3.6Ghz at stock


3.6Ghz at stock
Intel Pentium 4 560 "LGA775 Prescott" 3.6GHz (800FSB) with HT Technology
The new Intel® Pentium® 4 processor at 3.6GHz with an advanced 800 MHz system bus offers higher levels of performance, creativity and productivity. Based on Intel® NetBurst™ microarchitecture and built with Intel's 0.09-micron technology, the Pentium 4 processor delivers significant performance gains for use in home computing, business solutions and all your processing needs. The Pentium 4 processor at 3.6GHz with an advanced 800 MHz system bus also supports Hyper-Threading Technology, enabling you to multitask more efficiently when you run demanding applications at the same time. The Prescott edition features a huge 1MB L2 cache for improved performance whilst SSE3 extensions have been added and further improvements made to HT and Netburst technologies make this a far more efficient and awsomely fast processor.
is this a new type of P4 that i haven't herd of yet?
phase cooling  
heres a link
The end result is that the cold plate in our "Standard Edition" unit, while under no load, maintains an idle temp of about -20C, while the system is running a Windows session with a heavily overclocked Pentium 4 processor.
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