Aaahh! Just lost a weeks worth of essay..


Aaahh! Just lost a weeks worth of essay..
Im so used to the autosave in word and never having to turn off my macbook that i havent bothered to push the save button for a week.. surely it has some memory of my work somewhere! I have a time-capsule running (when it can be bothered..) but no sign of my essay.. Help!
Is there anyway to turn on auto save? Is there anyway to find my work and save my degree?
My sympathy, but also my concurrence with the advice offered by Fuzzydog—backup, Backup, BACKUP.
In my elementary school classes, we developed a routine to follow with every writing project:
Open a new file.
Save the file immediately, giving it a recognizable name, and placing it in a standard location.
After that, press command-S every time you leave the keyboard, even if it's 'only for a few seconds.'
For the initial short projects, that was generally sufficient. When we started longer projects, I added the following:
Open the file you worked on in the last session.
Go File > Save as...
Change the date in the file name to today's date, then click Save.
Continue working on the document.
(And continue to follow the instructions regarding saving whenever you leave the keyboard)
Chalk it up as a learning experience. I did (long ago), and I suspect there are very few who have not had the opportunity to learn from a similar experience.
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