ACR 6.7: Get photos settings


ACR 6.7: Get photos settings
This is bugging me
I recent upgraded to 6.6 and now 6.7
WHen I pop in my camera's memory card the Get Photos dialog box pops open (as it should) but in the past it would remember the settings I used previously
Folder to save to (I always save to the same folder)
Which metadata template to use
Whether or not to Delete the files when done
and that I always use the Advanced Dialog box
now each time, I have to go thru and tell it again and again. This is really slowing down my workflow
Windows 7 64 bit
I prefer the Windows feature for auto copying image files into the system myself.  It can be set up via the AutoPlay control panel function (e.g., click Start, type AutoPlay into the search box...).
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