ALE message type WMTORD sending ST meins


ALE message type WMTORD sending ST meins
good morning/afternoon to all,
we are in the process of setting up a 3rd party warehouse/miniload system and they connect using ALE. the 3rd party system is not a SAP system. our system is 4.7C. we are being asked to use this message type (WMTORD - standard) to send transport orders. they receive the idoc successfully with correct information, except for the unit of measure field meins. they receive the untranslated unit of measure ST, instead of EA.
is there a fix for this? can this be changed with standard code, or is a user exit needed. and, if the user exit is needed, why does for example the message type MATMAS send a EA and not the ST? i do have the global unit or measure ST setup to send EA in spro.
thanks in advance.
it looks like no one knows the answer...
here is what i found (for future reference)
enhancement MWMIDO01
component(fm) - EXIT_SAPLLIDO_001
include - ZXLIDU01
code example
tables: e1ltori.
loop at t_idoc_data.
  if t_idoc_data-segnam = 'E1LTORI'.
    move t_idoc_data-sdata to e1ltori.
    if e1ltori-meins = 'ST'.
      move 'EA' to e1ltori-meins.
    move e1ltori to t_idoc_data-sdata.
    modify t_idoc_data.
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