Any danger from wireless router radio signals?


Any danger from wireless router radio signals?
A friend of mine has some concern that the transmissions/radiation from a wireless router in the home could be harmful to his 5-year old son.
Two questions:
1. Is there any merit to his fear?
2. If he installs a router but uses only the wired ethernet connections (and makes no use whatever of the wireless capability), will that eliminate all wireless radio transmissions from the router?
Thanks much.
Hi wildsky! In a way, yes there is some truth to his fear. Any electronic device ( it's not true to routers only) can create its own EMF ( Electromagnetic Field). When exposed to it for a long period, it can become harmful to one's health.
If he has wired devices only and doesn't really need the wireless function of the router,  he can disable that feature. He just need to access the setup page of the router to do that. It would depend on the model number of the device though as some wireless routers do not have that option.
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