Architecture student, Which MacBook Pro should I buy?


Architecture student, Which MacBook Pro should I buy?
I want to buy a macbook pro, i'm going to study architecture, but I don't know which model is the best one to run AutoCad and other architecture programs.
I think I need a i7 chip, but I don't know if the 13-inch MBP i7 dual-core 8gb Ram or 15-inch MBP i7 Quad-core 4Gb Ram, what do you think?
Well I got the MBP 13" 2.9 GHz. I weighed all the options the price differences and pros and cons. I'm am very happy with my dission.
The Retina was way out of price range for what you get. The ability to no upgrade unit was a huge turnoff. And to buy it fully loaded was not even worth it. I don't have that kinda dough to throw around, and I think it highly over rated. It's new and has a wow factor, but does not make sense. Millions of great photos connived and edited before retina display, so to say its needed or worth it at that price is not logical for me.
The 15" was a close to me, but $700 difference out of pocket still was not sure for me after selling my old MPB. portability was issue, and if my old 13" MBP did my editing ok in PS CS5 and Lightroom 4 then the new 13" should be no problem.
What I got:
I got MBP 13" 2.9MHz i7. I figured it have a better resale value in long run over the 2.3MHz i5.
the size is perfect as I travel all the time. I'm a pilot full time so it fits in my camera bag perfect.
I added my already owned 256GB SSD drive in it, and upgraded to 16GB RAM for $110. It's amazing fast. 4 sec open PS CS6.
I have been using it to edit my photos in LTR4 and PS CS6, no problem and fast. In the 14 days owned I have not even opened the cover of my laptop, it's always been used on external 27" display. So money saved I upgraded my gear New CF Cards, USB 3.0 HUB, USB 3.0 Card Reader, USB 3.0 External Hadrive.  Still money saved, cause I sold all my old USB and Drives and Cardsbon EBay too.  The USB 3.0 was main reason I upgraded, it's worth it to. 3.0 makes a differencebandni can see the transfer speed differences. So much faster.
So theres my reasons for doing what I did.
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