Assets Disposal/Transfer


Assets Disposal/Transfer
Hi all,
I tried to transfer some amount from main asset to sub assets on 01/04/2008. I find that the assets disposed / transfered on 01/042008 are being reflected in the Asset report AR01 only on 30/04/2008 and not on 01/04/2008. As a result Depreciation is also being charged for the period April 2008
Please help
That's a very good question and one that I would also like an answer to. However, I think that it's not likely for a while yet. I saw a post on Metalink about JDev and the JRAD extension recently which is designed for Apps, but it looks like it will not be available till 11.5.10 and the version of JDeveloper will be fixed as it is for other dev tools like Forms.
Now, the main point of your question which I would like to highlight is the Template.fmb question. As Oracle does not document the API's for Self Service security, it is not a simple matter to add a custom application and maintain stringent access restrictions as in iProcurement for example.
As Oracle move to designing the Self Service Apps in ADF??? or just plain UIX, surely a library of Oracle Apps tags will follow that developers can just plug into our custom applications....
Well that's my hope. It would be great to get a reply from someone in the Jdeveloper development team on this....
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