Authorization object for print preview


Authorization object for print preview
I am looking for the authorization object to restrict print of the document.
Please help me.
You can restrict with this object S_SPO_ACT (Spool: Actions)below mention activity
ATTR     Change order attributes
AUTH     Change authorization field
BASE     Visibility
COMP     Use as components of composite request
DELE     Delete
DISP     Display contents
DOWN     Download
EDIT     Change contents (currently only for composite requests)
PRNT     Print once
REDI     Divert to same printer type
REPR     Print several copies
SEND     Send to SAPoffice
USER     Change owner
You can restrict device name & type under the object  S_SPO_DEV(Device authorizations)
You can restrict  Restriction on Maximum Number of Pages  under this object S_SPO_PAGE(Restriction on Maximum Number of Pages)
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