Basics: Save Rights Enabled for Reader


Basics: Save Rights Enabled for Reader
I have an involved Applescript that handles/creates pdfs for our clients. The only thing I need Acrobat Pro 9.4 to do is to create the Rights Enabled option for Reader and save as into a new file. Ideally, without having to use the GUI interface.
Reading up on the API, every reference to Rights Enabled seems to be in the context of Forms, or Live Cycle. None of those would seem to be required? And there are several atomic levels that can be rights enabled, it seems, which is good. Even if I have none of these environments, is the effect of the menu command of "Enable Rights ..." the same as saving each of these options to a new pdf? I'm assuming this is an application level javascript?
Starting to work the javascript examples in the API is frustrating because everything after "var jsNum = 10" fails to seem to work and the errors reported don't make sense in the context I'm seeing them. i'm not dumb, just inexperienced with javascript. Its frustrating when the examples copied and pasted error out, etc.
Some pointers to guides that give me better context would be appreciated, so as not to clog the forum with newbie chatter, thanx, sam
Thanks for explaining why I couldn't determine this.
Thanks for the offer of explaining what I'm seeing with the basic API examples. The second one is here, from page 51, example 4.2 of the Adobe Acrobat SDK document:
// Create a new PDF document:
var newDoc = app.newDoc();
// Insert doc1.pdf:
nPage: -1,
cPath: "Macintosh HD:tmp:1.pdf",
// Insert doc2.pdf:
nPage: newDoc.numPages-1,
cPath: "Macintosh HD:tmp:2.pdf",
// Save the new document:
cPath: "Macintosh HD:tmp:11.pdf";
// Close the new document without notifying the user:
SyntaxError: missing } after property list
OK, counting lines it appears to be after the newDoc.close statement. But to my way of thinking all the braces, parentheses are closed.
I tried removing the returns after each cPath statement thinking perhaps I shouldn't have a return before the closing }); a long shot. Looking at my /tmp directory, I don't see a new pdf called 11.pdf.
Clearly, there's something basic I'm missing here that I'm unaware of the context, thanx, sam
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