Browse to create a new file


Browse to create a new file
I am writing AIR 1.5 app, which emulates Excel 2007.
Silly question:
if I need to browse to create a new file (on local disk), how do I do it ?
I tried File.browse, browseForOpen, browseForSave...  they all require for file to exist already.
So what do I do if it doesn't exist, I am creating a new file (to save the context of DataGrid into XLSX file.
I am using Java POI framework to read/write files via Web Service.
AIR app is supposed to browse to directory, create a file
and pass file's native path to Java via Web service to open that file & save data there
I use Tomcat 6 & Axis 1.4 for web service.
Please help.
To answer my own question:
Should use File.createForSave to browse to create a new file (to save data later).
Sorry, had a bug in my code which prevented it from working correctly.
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