Camera Raw 4.6 and Elements 6.0


Camera Raw 4.6 and Elements 6.0
Installed Camera Raw 4.6 into Elements 6.0 & 5.0, but Elements 6.0 will not recognize Sigma Dp1 X3F files, but 5.0 will. The DNG converter works. Any clues to what could be going on
> why Im getting those bright red spots in the lighter areas of the photo.
That's the clipping warning, which you can turn off by clicking on the triangle at the upper right hand corner of the histogram in the ACR preview. That means
your image is overexposed and all those red spots represent areas that are
totally blown out.
You can try to rescue them with the Exposure and Recovery slider.
You really need to read up on Camera Raw. You desperately need
Jeff's Book (CLICK HERE).
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