Camera touchpad issue


Camera touchpad issue
Hi All
I have a problem with my camera TP, when I open the camera for the 1 second the quality of image is very clear and perfect, after 1 second the quality go down and there is a lot of "noise" in the immagine. I need also to have many light around  to work.
I don't know how I can fix the problem , do you have some suggestion or do you know patch to fix it.
I have posted this issue in a italy forum and there are others people with the same problem.
also in Italy we love WebOS ... I hope that the open source way could be the right way ...
thanks in advance
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That is a very strange problem.  Unfortunately, I am not sure how to help you.  I do not use the camera ever.  Keep in mind the camera is just a 1.3 MP camera.  Very low picture quality.  I just used the camera for the first time on my TP and it looked ok.  Are you using the official Camera app from HP, or the 3rd party Camera app from Keen Studios?
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