Can MDM Web Services return qualifier values?


Can MDM Web Services return qualifier values?
We are running MDM 5.5 SP06 Patch04 (we will be doing a technical upgrade to MDM 7 later this year).
I am investigating the MDM web services and came upon a potential problem. In the test harness, I searched for a record, specifying ALL for the result definition and everything seemed to come back except qualifiers; lookup values came back, taxonomy values came back, qualified lookup display values came back, qualified link ids came back, but no qualifier values.
I searched again on the qualified link record ids in the qualified lookup table and I got the non-qualifiers, which is the expected behavior. The qualifiers have to come back with the main table record, though.
Are qualifiers not fully supported in the MDM 5.5 web services, or am I not searching properly?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Hi Doug
For me allĀ  are working good.
Can you look at pages 24-26 from "Portal content development guide"
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