Clarification related with Flexconnect solution


Clarification related with Flexconnect solution
Dear Folks, 
I have a doubt related with the Cisco Flexconnect scenario . I have a scenario where i need to centralize my wireless to 50 other branches , as the main controllers will be located in DC .
Well , these are the client requirements
1. Every site will have their own data , voice and management vlan (for AP) .
2. DHCP will be local
Now my question is as follows
1. In the main controller, i need to add for every site vlan (ie for 50 sites in total times 3 vlans ) in the controller and in the switch for SVI . ?
2. Is it recommended to have centralized AP management for all 50 sites together , so that i can have one native vlan in the remote site, lets say vlan 100 ( for AP management) . Or is it recommended to have different IP for AP management , in this case, what would be the native vlan, will it be the AP management ?
3. What happens when WAN link is down ? how long can the access point work without WAN connectivity ?
Highly appreciate your kind help and support.
Hi Siddarth,
Not exactly correct.
In the given scenario, you only required vlan 60,61,62 available to DC WLC. Vlan 99,101,102 are not required in DC-WLC (it is impossible to have those over there if you branch connected via WAN)
In branch switch you only require vlan 99,101,102 & configure AP connected switchport as trunk port while keeping native vlan 99.
Vlan mapping is specific to AP & once you convert an AP to FlexConnect & WLAN configured for FlexConnect local switching, you should be able to do the mapping (wlan to vlan for that AP)
You can refer this post to understand the FlexConnect concept (H-REAP was the previous name for this feature & my sample config is based on WLC 7.0.x code)
Refer below CiscoLive presentation for latest code features & how to configure those.
BRKEWN-2026 - Architecturing Network for Branch Offices with Cisco FlexConnect
If you like to watch the recorded video session of the above you can register for free. Here is the link to session details.
If you still need any clarification pls let us know
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