Color Adjustment Problems


Color Adjustment Problems
Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong or what is going wrong.  I am trying to get rid of green eye on a dog but I cannot seem to pick the eye color from the photo.
I'm starting with the green adjustment (not that this matters). I'm trying to pick the actual shade from the photo.
So I click on the color square:
The hues I get when the cursor is over the eye vary from oranges to yellows even though I see nothing under the cursor that looks anything like those hues.  But sometimes I can get a hue that looks close, like in the shot below:
So I click and the result I get in the color adjustment often is nothing close to the color I picked. In this case it became red:
Any ideas?
I posted a problem related to this (but not exactly the same) a year ago and tried all the usual troubleshooting steps then with no success. The problem was on more than one computer and with photos from different cameras. I gave up and assumed it was a bug that would get fixed. I haven't touched the color adjustment bar for a year. Since that time I have installed a new video card, upgraded to Mountain Lion, installed every available update, and have rebooted many many times. I have also reinstalled Aperture from scratch (from disk) at least once and gone through all the Aperture updates. Today I did try trashing the Aperture preference file and rebooting. Neither worked. Prior to a year ago I had no problem.
The color bar works some times then will quit working. Other times it returns the wrong hue from the eye dropped (as described here), sometimes I get what looks like the right hue but the sliders have no effect until I "apply to entire photo" and all of a sudden the change takes effect.  I was finally able to coax it into submission for this photo but it took more than a few tries.
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