Confused... buying Mac for 1st time


Confused... buying Mac for 1st time
I may not be posting in the right place but I am hoping someone can give me some direction. I want to buy a MacBook but unsure on what is best - book vs. power book, how much memory vs. hard drive space.
I want to switch from a PC primarily for ease in building web sites and editing videos. I was told I would need an external hard drive no matter what size the hard drive is. If that's the case, why would I increase the hard drive?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
I'll do my best to make this less complicated
Macbook - The current entry to mid level mac laptop
Powerbook - Is currently discontinued, but was the higher end laptop when it was produced before macs went over to the intel chips. It has now been replaced by the Macbook Pro.
As far as what is better for you (between the Macbook and Macbook Pro) I would go with what ever you can afford. If you can pay for a Macbook Pro then it is a better computer, worth the money, and will be able to handle anything for years to come as you grow in mac knowledge. On the otherhand the Macbook will work for you, and should last just as long.
The external drive is for backuping. That way if the harddrive in the computer dies, you still have your videos, and website. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
As far as memory goes the more you have the faster the computer will run with multiple programs are running, or if you are running larger programs they will run slightly faster. They can also be upgraded after so I'd just get a computer and then see how it runs for your needs, but I wouldn't imagine running into any real problems with a stock macbook or macbook pro.
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