Connect with a source Data


Connect with a source Data
Hi all
I want to create an App that it looks like as Contoso App, which allows to collect data from a source, and show it in Excel app.
I've saw videos and material about how to show info in Excel.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Red Chromium,
In general, we currently do not support write back to Excel. The app you listed only uses Excel to support the UI. Therefore, things like what the item is? e.g. a boiler, and what kind of cleaning is needed? e.g. hose down or scrubbing, along with the corresponding
image is saved within the Excel sheet. This is what is visible on the left and right bar of the image capture screen.
Now when the images are captured, along with the location and type of cleaning required, this data is saved in a Collection and not the Excel file. One could then leverage
SaveData() to save out this data from the collection and load it back when the time arises.
Hope this helps clear things up for you?
Many thanks.
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