Connecting my Mac Pro to my HDTV - impossible!


Connecting my Mac Pro to my HDTV - impossible!
I have recently purchased a mac pro and wish connect it usind a dvi to hdmi cable to my hdtv. None of resolutions on the display preferences make the screen fit properly, there are either borders or the image is just too big (top and bottom panels are cut off) Here is what I have done so far to fix this problem -
Tried every setting on the mac - overscan, ratio, refresh and all the resolutions.
Tried all the settings on my TV.
I have used a vga cable instead, which works (but this is not very good quality on a big screen)
I have downloaded third party programs such as sinresx and displayconfig and started to make custom resolutions. (I have read tutorials and done it properly) But all the resolutions I come up with don't seem to look right - I guess its a trial and error thing.
My HDTV is a sony KDL26U2000. When going through a regular VGA cable the TV says its a 1280 x 768 size screen. When configuring in sinresx the resolution comes up as 1920 x 540 for the default. I have adjusted the values so it fits on the screen perfectly but it just looks weird and squashed together this time.
I am really really dissapointed in apple and its lack of support regarding this issue, If I spend £2000 for a professional computer for video editing I expect to be able to connect it via the highest quality output and not some blurry flickering VGA output. I also expect it to be compatible with a HDTV.
I am lost for words and have no clue what to do. Is there an official apple administrator that can give me an answer? Or anyone?
Sorry I am not an expert in these things but I have had a number of Apple computers hooked up to my 42" LCD HDTV (not a Sony) and everyone of them has synced 100% border to border with whatever resolution I pick. I have not hauled my Mac Pro down to the tv to try it. These have all been with a DVI to HDMI converter cable.
With my Macbook Pro I can chose any of the available resolutions and the TV locks in immediately (the TV supports up to 1080p so pretty much everything is covered) With my Mac Mini that I keep on the TV all the time everything locks in immediately as well although I avoid the 1080i for quality reasons and 1080 makes the text too small anyway. Whenever I change resolutions in Display Prefs my TV just flashes the message "Signal HDMI 720p" or whatever and away it goes.
Do you have another Mac to try this with to determine if it is the Mac or your TV not being able to sync well? That would be something to try - lots of people use Mac Minis as home theater units (as I do) without any syncing problems. Possibly the high-end video card in the Mac Pro is using too high a sync rate or something but again this should be able to be selected in the display preferences if it is detected that your display needs this option.
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