Date and Time Format global for a database?


Date and Time Format global for a database?
Config.: Oracle 9i Release 1 (Enterprise)
How can I change persistent the standard format of the DATE data type?
The default format is "dd-mon-yy". When I view data in Enterprise Manager Console or want to import data with SQL* Loader, I have to match this format. In SQL* Loader I can specify the format of a date value, but I have problems in getting the time part into. It would be a better solution to set the DATE format once, regarding to all attributes in a database using the data type DATE.
I want to set the following format: " hh24:mi", without AM or PM at the end. The time part is optional. Some attributes in the control file (SQL* Loader) have a time fraction, some not.
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Stephan Schneider
It's in APEX 4.0
I'm just doing this
1) Fetching the date from DB into a textfield item.
2) In that textfield I'm using a Format mask DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI to display it to the user
3) Then I'm saving it to the DB with an automatic row processing.
Maybe is it due to the format mask in point 2 ?
If I use the format mask DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI then it is well working.
Problem solved but still I do not figured it out why it's not working with the other mask?
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