DFS files never Show up at destination


DFS files never Show up at destination
Hi I have a server RJC-VAN01 which should be replicating 6 folders to RJC-TOR01. The files haven't shown up on RJC-TOR01. From generating a health report it shows that the status of the replicated folders are "Indeterminate" and there is an
error on Backlogged Receiving Transactions
Checking the event logs of RJC-VAN01 I get an event ID 5004 saying "The DFS Replication service successfully established and inbound connection with partner RJC-TOR01 for replication group CitySeverEngineerTemplates."
Earlier in the event logs I do have an error with Event ID 5008 saying "The DFS Replication service failed to communicate with partner RJC-TOR01 for replication group CitySeverEngineerTemplates. This error can occur if the host is unreachable, or if
the DFS replication service is not running on the server." It also says Error: 1722 (The RPC Server is unavailable).
I have tried turning off the firewall on both RJC-VAN01 and RJC-TOR01 without result. I also checked the DFS services on both servers and they are running as expected. RJC-CAL01 which is another server in the replication group has
received the files fine so I'm thinking its related to RJC-TOR01.
The issue may due to a dirty shutdown, then the replication will stop. You can sync data by the recovery process.
For more detailed information, please refer to the links below:
What would happen if we resume DFS Replication after paused for a month
DFS replication status indeterminate
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