EBS - Error F5 263 (Diff is too large for clearing)


EBS - Error F5 263 (Diff is too large for clearing)
Helli Experts,
We are implementing SAP Electronic bank statement functionality.  One of the requirements of the business is that of automatic clearing of customer open items after import of MT940.
We are using standard interpretation algorithm 001, but made use of an enhancement to clear the open items based on age of the open items rather than any reference given in Note to Payee details.  That means if a customer has 4 overdue open items and paid the amount referring to the 3rd open item, system should rather clear the 1st open item which is overdue for more number of days than the 3rd open item.  This has been made possible by activating the check box "Distribute by age" in FEBCL table through the standard enhancement option given by SAP.
As an extension of this requirement, if the customer pays off in lumpsum (in single payment) for the combination of first three open items, then the system should clear off those three open items leaving the fourth one as the open item.  For instance first open item has the amount of $ 1000, 2nd one has $2000, 3rd one has $3000 and 4th one has $4000.  Now if the customer pays $6000, system should clear the 1st, 2nd and 3rd open items automatically after loading the bank statement containing this payment of $6000.  So, only the 4th one will be in open item status.
But when I load the bank statement, system is giving me an error message F5 263 (the difference is too large for clearing) in posting area 2.  Posting area 1 is fine and document is successfully posted.  Issue is there only in posting area 2.  I believe system should be able to find the first three open items for the amount of $6000 based on the indicator of "Distribute by age".  But this is not happening.  If I try to reprocess the statement through FEBAN after I got this error message, then system is able to find the first three open items and then able to clear off.  But wondering why it is not happening in transaction FF.5 automatically.
So, could you kindly let me know if I am missing something or is it a limiation in SAP that this scenario is not possible to achieve through EBS.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Experts,
Using standard BAdI the requirements could be solved.  Thanks.
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