Errors Installing netBeans 6.0


Errors Installing netBeans 6.0
I have tried tirelessly to install netbeans 6.0 with no results. Each time I install, it says errors occured in the installation and points me to a log file. I am using windows VISTA. Below is an except from the log file. I have 10 STARS for anyone that can help me get NB6.0 up and running.
[2007-12-05 13:55:45.706]: executing command: C:\Program Files\glassfish-v2\bin\asadmin.bat create-domain interactive=false adminport 4850 user admin passwordfile C:\Program Files\glassfish-v2\nbi-38656.tmp instanceport 8082 domainproperties http.ssl.port=8183 --savemasterpassword=true domain1, in directory: C:\Program Files\glassfish-v2
[2007-12-05 13:55:47.424]: [stderr]: The syntax of the command is incorrect.
[2007-12-05 13:55:47.424]: [return]: 255
[2007-12-05 13:55:47.424]: ... command execution finished
[2007-12-05 13:55:47.425]: org.netbeans.installer.utils.exceptions.InstallationException: Failed to create the default domain
[2007-12-05 13:55:47.425]:      at org.netbeans.installer.products.glassfish.ConfigurationLogic.install(
[2007-12-05 13:55:47.425]:      at org.netbeans.installer.product.components.Product.install(
[2007-12-05 13:55:47.425]:      at org.netbeans.installer.wizard.components.actions.InstallAction.execute(
[2007-12-05 13:55:47.425]:      at org.netbeans.installer.wizard.components.WizardAction$
[2007-12-05 13:55:47.425]: Caused by: org.netbeans.installer.utils.applications.GlassFishUtils$DomainCreationException: Could not create domain - the process returned 255
[2007-12-05 13:55:47.425]:      at org.netbeans.installer.utils.applications.GlassFishUtils.createDomain(
[2007-12-05 13:55:47.425]:      at org.netbeans.installer.utils.applications.GlassFishUtils.createDomain(
[2007-12-05 13:55:47.425]:      at org.netbeans.installer.products.glassfish.ConfigurationLogic.install(
[2007-12-05 13:55:47.425]:      ... 3 more
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abillconsl wrote:
wpafbuser1 wrote:
Not sure what you mean by Vista not being viable OS? vi?a?ble /ˈvaɪəbəl/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[vahy-uh-buhl] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–adjective 1. capable of living.
2. Physiology. a. physically fitted to live.
b. (of a fetus) having reached such a stage of development as to be capable of living, under normal conditions, outside the uterus.
3. Botany. able to live and grow.
4. vivid; real; stimulating, as to the intellect, imagination, or senses: a period of history that few teachers can make viable for students.
5. practicable; workable: a viable alternative.
6. having the ability to grow, expand, develop, etc.: a new and viable country.
The above did not answer my question, which was what you mean, not what viable means.I meant what I said. Why would you assume I meant something other than what I said? Are you asking for me to give you a list of specific cases or generate for you a tech support call history list from Microsoft? Do you somehow not buy into my crazy notion that Vista has serious issues for lots of people? If so, you might try Google. :-)
And I just googled and found folks who apparently had success using some version or other of Netbeans on Vista.Uh, right. That means it's not practical/viable. Having to hack (basically you have to be an admin) to get programs, drivers, and hardware to work (if you even succeed) means it's not viable IMO. This is the same reason I don't use Linux. Mac FTW!The above did answer my question. I think though that dismissing Mac, Linux and Vista as not viable because something does not work on them is a bit of a stretch, I'll clarify. Let's say my brakes (or my headlight, my steering wheel, or seat belt) don't work on my car. I don't believe it's a stretch to say that my car is not very viable, capable, or better yet fit at the moment. The truth of the matter is that the engine can run great but if I can't put tires on it it's a lemon.
but hey, if that's the way you call it I won't argue with you.Your logic is odd since you are indeed arguing with me. Nothing wrong with arguing though.
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