Existing Sky Broadband Customer who wants to switc...


Existing Sky Broadband Customer who wants to switc...
Hello everyone,
I am currently using sky broadband and have been for roughly the last 12-18months (not sure on the exact number). I have grown increasingly tired with the poor performance of the broadband they supply so have decided to go for BT Infinity.
First of all I was hoping someone could explain to me how I'd switch providers and what it would entail?
Secondly I was hoping for some general feedback on BT Infinity from some of you guys. I'd love to know if you recommend it or not?
Many thanks!
hi there, I have just moved from Sky Unlimited to BT infinity option 2.
Speak to a BT sales person, number on website. They will talk you through everything you need to do.
You will need a MAC number from SKY, and SKY have really sharpened up on this. They used to be difficult handing it over, but now if you ask they will email it to you. You then forward that to the email addy of the salesperson at BT dealing with your call.
Diferences; It costs more money, be in no doubt. But as the old saying goes you get what you pay for. The speed in my case went from 8.4mb down / 1.6 mb up (from a package promising 20 mb) with severe slow downs at weekends.... to 81mb down and 19.6 mb up, with zero weekend slowdown.
I have also been told there will be a significant speed bump again late this year for no extra cost.
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