Experiencing HDTV on my Powerbook


Experiencing HDTV on my Powerbook
I was unsure where to post this query, so I thought here might suit.
I have the PB described below, and an HD Ready Samsung LCD TV.
Can I connect the Powerbook to the TV and experience true HDTV?
If so, how would I do it? With the VGA port?
Any where would I obtain demonstrative HD material?
Someone suggested I might be able to get a DVI-HDMI converter and do it that way.
Any ideas?
Hi Domchristian,
It all depends on what type of connection your television has. Your powerbook has DVI directly out of it, and from what I remember, most Samsung LCDs have DVI input jacks. If that is the case, then a DVI cable is all you would need. If your television has HDMI, you would need a DVI to HDMI cable. VGA would not give you a digital HD signal, as VGA is an analog connection. VGA would still be able to display HD, but would require the use of your powerbooks digital to analog convertors which could make the HD less pristine. All of these cables are available at your local electronics stores, with DVI being priced around $80, DVI to HDMI at $100 and VGA by far the chaepest and at a wide range of prices. However, if you wish to save somee money, you can purchase these cables online at a place such as Markertek and save yourself quite a bit of money. Once you get it connected, it may take a little bit of fiddling to get the best and highest resolution your tv can handle. Once you're all set and connected, you can download some HD content from the Quicktime website. Just so you know, a powerbook cannot very adequately handle the very upper echelons of HD, exhibited in 1080i resolution. But it can display 720p material pretty well.
Good Luck!
--Justin S.
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