F.P.10,1,53,64 installed but not working


F.P.10,1,53,64 installed but not working
Good day Forum
This is my first post - I am feelng my way.
I have followed instructions from eidnolb to yongola and seem almost to have installed Flash Player.
Adobe website adobe.com/software/flash/about/ tells me that I have version 10,1,53,64 installed but a
local website,www.sarsefiling.co.za, does not recognise this and keeps asking me to install this version of
Flash Player. Other websites also do not recognise that I have Flash Player installed so something is
wrong with the installation.
The only clues I can find that might be causing the problem are :
  I.E.all add-ons - Shockwave Flash Object - enabled  version
                             Shockwave Active X Control -e enabled -version 11.5.7
I.E.loaded add-ons - only the Shockwave Flash Object - enabled
Control Panel-Add/Remove programs shows Acrobat Flash Player 10 Active X  but no file size is given.
My system comprises Windows XP Home with SP 3 and all Microsoft updates installed,I.E.8
version 8.0.6001.18702 and AVG Free version 9.0.851.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your post No.3.
I have 3 add-ons under AVG Technologies :
Security Toolbar BHO
Safe Search
Security Toolbar
All the above are now disabled.
There is no add-on called Linkscanner (but Linkscanner is active on the AVG program screen)
After disabling the above I went back to the original website that wanted to use Flash Player and it still wants me to install it.
It might help here to give a list of all the other add-ins, all of them enabled :
Google inc.
Side Bar
Toolbar Notifier BHO
Toolbar Helper
Not Available
Windows Messenger
Diagnose Connection Problem
Adobe Sustems Inc.
PDF Link Helper
PDF Reader
Shockwave Flash Object
Shockwave ActiveXControl
XLM DOM Document
DHTML Edit Control Safe for...
HHCtrl Object
Windows Media Player
XML DOM Document 3.0
Free Threaded XML DOM Doc...
XSL Template3.0
Hope the above means something to you - it means not much to me.
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