Finding oracle_home in linux


Finding oracle_home in linux
hi all am developing a desktop application under linux and for the login screen
the user will enter the database name and the program has to go to the tnsnames.ora and get the url...
so the thing is that i want to find the oracle_home under O.S which may differ ??
You are right you can't simply move the ORACLE_HOME as you wouldn't be able to apply patches or make change with the Installer. As the location of the ORACLE_HOME is stored in binaries under oraInventory, and there is no way to change these without reinstalling.
As for whether you should, depends on why the database is on the SAN in the first place.
If it is for performance or capacity then there isn't a major issue as the binaries are loaded into memory and referenced from disk relatively infrequency. Personally if I was performing a new installation I'd want the binaries with the database, but whether I would bother to moved it if it was already configured that way, I'm not sure.
However if the SAN is also providing enhanced resilience and DR then I'd definitely want the binaries with the database files. I recently built a Veritas cluster for a customer, we put the binaries on the SAN with the database. We could fail the database over to any cluster node knowing that the binaries matched the database plus the SAN replicated it all to DR for us.
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