Help with finishing function


Help with finishing function
hey folks,
on my way to the end of a little exercise. now I'm not a coding genius, hoping someone can help me out. i'd like to have a function that ends the game. so here's where I"m trying to go, seeing if someone has a more concise way of doing it. i have 25 mcs, all with sub frames called red, yellow, green. basically you touch the button, the light clicks on. each sub frame is labelled accordingly (green, yellow, red). so all I'm looking to do is a function that says when b1-25 has either "yellow", "red", or "green", a new mc while I'll create called "finish" .visible=true
is there a way to make this function without 25 and/or statements?
Use a for loop to go thru as many of the objects as you need to make your decision.
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