How to Add an Email as To-Do?


How to Add an Email as To-Do?
I remember I was able to read an email, and there's actually a button on top of the message showing "To Do", which then will attach this particular email onto the To Do I created.
But just now, I found out that I could NO LONGER do this... the button is still there, but it does not allow me to attach an email to a To Do task anymore. Can anyone tell me how I can fix this?
Thanks in advance for any help.
Sorry m8, my bad...
Okay, so the button is there but nothing happens when you click it.
Try this:
-create a new user account on you computer, when you use Mail in the new account do you have the same issue?
If you donĀ“t have the same issue
-switch back to your original user account. Go to ~/Library/Preferences/ rename to
-open mail and try the To-Do button.
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