How to get TreePath from TreeNode?


How to get TreePath from TreeNode?
I want to get treepath object of the jtree from one treenode of the jtree.
But i do not find this method from api.
If likes following :
treeNode is the jTree's TreeNode object.
TreePath path=new TreePath(treeNode);
Whether the "path" is the object of the jTree?(I think the "path" is not the object of the jTree's one treepath because the "new" .That will be a new object.)
if not ,is there another method tosolve it?
Thank's for help?
just get the code from the DefaultMutableTreeNode object
      * Returns the path from the root, to get to this node.  The last
      * element in the path is this node.
      * @return an array of TreeNode objects giving the path, where the
      *         first element in the path is the root and the last
      *         element is this node.
    public TreeNode[] getPath() {
     return getPathToRoot(this, 0);
     * Builds the parents of node up to and including the root node,
     * where the original node is the last element in the returned array.
     * The length of the returned array gives the node's depth in the
     * tree.
     * @param aNode  the TreeNode to get the path for
     * @param depth  an int giving the number of steps already taken towards
     *        the root (on recursive calls), used to size the returned array
     * @return an array of TreeNodes giving the path from the root to the
     *         specified node
    protected TreeNode[] getPathToRoot(TreeNode aNode, int depth) {
     TreeNode[]              retNodes;
     /* Check for null, in case someone passed in a null node, or
        they passed in an element that isn't rooted at root. */
     if(aNode == null) {
         if(depth == 0)
          return null;
          retNodes = new TreeNode[depth];
     else {
         retNodes = getPathToRoot(aNode.getParent(), depth);
         retNodes[retNodes.length - depth] = aNode;
     return retNodes;
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