How to make it go to a designated page after login


How to make it go to a designated page after login
Hello Experts,
I have a simple problem but i havent been able to figure it out. I have a simple application that has several public pages and only one "reports" page that requires login.
When I am in the "reports" page, I click login and after entering my credentials, the application takes me to page 1. (I actually want to to go to page 5 "the reports page")
I tried creating a branch in the login page so that after the login button is presed that it will take me to the reports page... but it didnt work...
Any idea how to make it go to the "reports" page and not the default page after I log in?
Thanks a lot!!
The login process on the login page contains the following plsql:
P_UNAME => v('P101_USERNAME'),
P_FLOW_PAGE => :APP_ID||':36'
in this case after login page 36 is started.
change the number in the desired page.
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