HP 2000 - 2c12NR: Removed Win8, Installed Win7 64-bit; Touchpad Problems


HP 2000 - 2c12NR: Removed Win8, Installed Win7 64-bit; Touchpad Problems
Greetings HP forums! 
My name is Bob and I am having an issue with an HP 2000 laptop.  A friend requested I remove Windows 8 from a laptop, and install Windows 7 since he was much more familiar with the old GUI.  
I installed Win7 64-bit and am having issues with the touchpad consistently working correctly.  I have let Windows use its generic drivers, and have installed the Win8 Synaptics touch pad driver/utility.  Both drivers produce the same problematic results.  The strange issues I am having are as follows:
- Touchpad works fine for 5-30 minutes
- Touchpad becomes inoperable for varying amounts of time; 1-5 minutes
- Touchpad starts working again, but requires higher than normal pressure to work OR only works on the RIGHT side of the touchpad
- Touchpad stops working again, and then after swirling/twirling my finger around the touchpad it will start moving itself without any further input to the Touchpad at all.  Everytime it starts moving on its own, it exhibits the same behavior.  It moves only vertically, in  a perfectly straight line, roughly 2/3 the heighth of the screen, and is very choppy skipping up and down; This lasts for 10-30 seconds.
- After it's done 'ghosting' the cursor up and down, the Touchpad is usable again, but is very finnicky.  It requires excessive pressure or response is very laggy/inaccurate to the touch you are inputting.
- Typically after a reboot it works perfectly fine for a short amount of time, and then starts acting as I have described above.
I have tried altering any and all of the settings in the Synaptics driver utility to no avail.  I have uninstalled/reinstalled, enabled/disabled the hardware/drivers numerous times.  Each time either drivers are removed and installed it will work fine for a short amount of time and then go back to acting crazy.  
I thought the ribbon cable may have been loose, so I opened the laptop up far enough to check the ribbon cable for the Touchpad.  All was well, everything was snug.  
At this point I am thinking there is an issue with the Touchpad itself.  While I am waiting for a reply I am going to try reinstalling Win7 since I have exhausted all other ideas I have.
Any and all information is greatly appreciated.
Thank You,
Bob Melchert
ChicagoLand Geeks
I just started the process to re-install Windows.  Once files were finished loading and the initial install screen had loaded, (where you select Language, Time/Currency Format, and Keyboard input method) the Touchpad immediately started moving vertically on itss own.  Once it stopped moving on its own, I am only able to move the cursor vertically in the spot where it was moving itself; Any input to the Touchpad only allows vertical movement.  This is the first time I have encountered this issue.  Since this is happening with Windows loaded into RAM, I am becoming more certain this is a hardware issue.
Hello disgrntld,
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I understand there is no audio coming from the computer. Before anything else, I would suggest a manual uninstall and reinstall of the sound driver:
1. Go into Device Manager, then "Sound, video and game controllers".
2. Look for the Audio driver. Right-click on it and select "Uninstall". Do not restart the computer.
3. Restart the computer. It will force the computer to detect the hardware and install an appropriate driver.
Please let me know your results. Thanks!
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