I need detailed explanation of the OC4J config/*.xml files.


I need detailed explanation of the OC4J config/*.xml files.
Anybody know where I can find good descriptions of the OC4J config files?? I've found some stuff on www.orionserver.com but they aren't good enough. Specifically, I have someone who wants a <lib> entry made for his app into the server.xml file. I want to know exactly what that tag means, how it is interpreted, etc... I want to have a complete understanding of all of the tags in all these files so I can deal with all the different methods of deploying applications...
Thanks, but I've seen those and they really don't help much. I've got a situation where many developers are deploying many different apps in different ways. One guy wants to add a <library> entry into server.xml for one of his application-specific jar files. I really think this is a bad idea but I can't say anything without documentation stating what the purpose of this tag in server.xml file is, and what the ramifications are if we mess with it. How might that affect the performance of OC4J, or how might it mess up other apps under OC4J?
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