ICI Adapter Test Tooling


ICI Adapter Test Tooling
As a supplier of contact/call centers I am working on an integration with SAP ICI Connector, based on 3.06. I am looking for a test tool that behaves like a ICI Server, sending messages to my connector, that will dispatch them to my callcenter and of course the other way around.
Does such a tool exist?
Kind regards,
Frederik Moquette
NEC Unified Solutions
The Netherlands
Hi Frederik,
Best solution to test your connector is to set-up a basic Interaction Center on a SAP CRM server, and to customize it so that it communicates with your connector. There is plenty of documentation on this forum about how to achieve this.
Additionally, SAP delivers a test tool to simulate Interaction Center activity; but you still need to have access to a SAP CRM server to start it. I have already played around with that tool in the past, but do not know much about it; maybe it can still help you.
You can find that test tool with SAP transaction SE80, BSP application: CRM_ICI_TST_CAT.
- change test parameters according to your needs: very important: specify correct Contact Center ID; save parameters.
- in "Test cases" frame, check flag "with trace"
- select a test case, e.g. "7.1. Log on and log off user".
- press "Start test run": traffic with your connector is displayed in lower frame part.
Hope this can help you
Kind regards
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