ICloud bug or phone bug???


ICloud bug or phone bug???
having problem with iPhone 5 16gb and now with iPhone 6 plus 64gb
My iPhone 5 has been freezing , Battery drains really fast, phone is shutting down at 35% battery, not receiving txt messages or calls at all. when i do receive txt messages, i cannot open message app to read text. i only receive voicemail from calls people leave voicemails, otherwise i don't se a miss call at all. one other thing with my txt messages, even though my text setting is suppose to delete messages older than 30 days, i still have all my messages on my phone.
i did a software update on March 10, 2015 and my phone went crazy. no text or call. all my other apps were working fine. all social media, safari and banking apps.
I did all sort of trouble shooting with AT&T to make sure it is not the chip, i erased and all content and restore from i cloud back up.
March 12 i was fed up and bought a new iPhone 6 plus, and when i restored it form my iCloud, i was starting to see sign of what used to happen with iPhone 5. phone started freezing and message app is not working properly. So i erased my phone and set up as new phone.  i have all my contacts already, i just want all my photos.
Going to mac store tomorrow morning.  Do i have a bug on my iCloud?
No joy...
I had already tried "recovery mode" restore to get iphone 5 working, just get 1669 after "updating firmware" status message (with progress bar 3/4 across).
Tried DFU method 1 at work this afternoon and get same message "1669" but that was using iTunes V
Due to work's Internet proxy I can't test method 2 until I get home as I can't download any software at work.
Last night we both logged into iCloud and deleted all the phones stored in there (as wife's phone wouldn't let her de-register on the 5S even though she had never registered it in the first place).
This has sorted the problem I had on the 4 where I couldn't turn off "find my phone" - I can now register & de-register the iphone 4 from the phone.
The wife can also register & de-register the 5S from the phone too now but it still wont make any calls.
Going to the local apple store tonight to see if we can get any help.
This smacks of an IOS 7.0.4 + a "find-my-phone" authorisation issue which blocked my initial restore thinking the phone was owned by someone else and leaving it in an unusable state.
I'll post an update later.
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