INFO - General DBM Cookbooks / Consulting Notes / Guides / etc.


INFO - General DBM Cookbooks / Consulting Notes / Guides / etc.
This message contains all general cookbooks, consulting notes, guidelines, etc. about Dealer Business Management apart from the ones about vehicle master and model master. For these areas of DBM, a seperate message was posted.
The documents to which links are posted here are stored in the SAP Service Market Place in most cases.
Cookbook (SAP Business Warehouse Management Integration in DBM 7.0)
[Link to document|]
Cookbook (DBM Object Control Framework - Customizing and Configuration for Object Control Framework)
[Note 1422554|]
Cookbook (MRSS 6.10 Multi Resource Scheduling Integration into DBM 7.0)
[Link to document|]
Application Operations Guide (includes Trouble Shooting Guide in Chapter 7)
[Link to document|]
Business Scenario Description
[Link to document|]
Master Guide
[Link to document|]
Upgrade Master Guide
[Link to document|]
Component Installation Guide
[Link to document|]
Business Scenario and Business Process Configuration Guide
[Link to document|]
Release Notes SP01
[Link to document in English|]
Security Guide
[Link to document|]
In case all that isn't enough, there's of course also the [documentation in SAP library|] available.
Hi Steffen,
The link for MRSS 6.10 Multi Resource Scheduling Integration into DBM 7.0 is not available as below:
Error Message - ObjectID not existant
What happened?
ObjectID not found in R/3
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Check your ObjectID
Error code: WEBSMP102-20131112044201-0014
Error details: 21F1DD9-702/1A053/3162-71D3D6C5-3CB8B45-2992EFService Name: SAPIDBService Server: WEBSMP102Process-ID: 1724Thread-ID: 3140
Sorry for any inconvenience.
Your SAP Service Marketplace Team
Thanks for all the other documents anyway. Very useful.
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