Ipod is frozen and error 1437 comes up


Ipod is frozen and error 1437 comes up
My ipod froze when I plugged it in to charge it and I tried restoring it and the error 1437 comes up. So any help would be appreciated.
I just sat down to try and fix my wife's iPod that has had the same error 1437 come up. Believe it or not, while perusing other posts on this issue, one said that a guy pulled the connector ribbon out from the bottom of the iPod. I thought is was silly, but I actually tried it as a last resort and voila! It worked and put the iPod back into restore mode. I need to hook it back to iTunes so my songs will download, but at least now I don't have an iPod paperweight. This is what I did.
1) Plugged the power cable into the bottom of the iPod
2) Pulled really hard on the cable from the end closest to the iPod without disconnecting it.
3) In a couple of seconds the main iPod menu came up with Artist, Playlist, Songs, etc.
4) Hooked it up to iTunes and now it's downloading.
Disclaimer: Prior to pulling on the cord (I know it sounds idiotic, but...)I had screwed with it by connecting it to iTunes, resetting by pushing center and menu together, then resetting again by pressing center and play/pause together a couple of times. After that I tried the power cable hookup. So I hope it works, but I can't guarantee that it was pulling on the cable that was the solution. All I know is the stuff is working now! WOO HOO!!! Sin
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