Ipod isnt detected by itunes or my computer


Ipod isnt detected by itunes or my computer
So I just bought a new hard drive to try and fix my 5th gen ipod (the original hdd stopped working), and after I installed it and started it up, it gave me "the restore with itunes" message, so I connected it to the computer and opened itunes, but itunes didnt detect the ipod, neither did my computer, and so I tried the "disk management" thing in my computer, but it also did not show up there, even when I put it in disk mode. The only place it shows up is in device manager, and it makes the "usb device detected" noise when I plug it in, but I cant do anything with it. Any assistance is appreciated
Haha well I figured it out, didnt plug the zif connector in all the way when I installed the hard drive... embarrassing, oh well :P
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