Itunes 11.0.2 installer for Windows 7 (64 bit) freezes?


Itunes 11.0.2 installer for Windows 7 (64 bit) freezes?
I'm having a problem installing iTunes on Windows 7 64-bit. I have tried both the automatic updater and a full uninstall/reinstall with a standalone instalation. It seems to get stuck around the same point. If I try the automatic updater first Safari installs then iTunes starts to install. The iTunes installation gets to around 90% then the installation stalls. There is no error message and the installer just says "Installing..." but the CPU usage drops to 0% on both cores. I have left the installer sitting like this for hours without it finishing. I have not heard anyone else complain about long installation times or stalling. A very similar problem happens if I try to uninstall and then do a standalone installation. The installer gets near the 90% point on the bar and then the process just stops and hangs. If I try to cancel the installation at this point, the installer will stop responding and then I have to end the process. Any help on this frustrating issue would be appreciated!
You can try downloading 7-Zip (free), or a free trial of WinRAR, and unpack the iTunesSetup.exe or iTunesSetup64.exe file into its components then try installing them individually in alphabetical order (don't try to install SetupAdmin.exe or iCloud.msi). You may get a more useful error message as to which component has problems.
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