Leopard Mail Not Showing # Unread Messages in Dock Icon


Leopard Mail Not Showing # Unread Messages in Dock Icon
For some inexplicable reason, my Leopard version of Mail has stopped showing unread message notifications. I still hear the mail ding, but there's no little red badge on the doc icon showing how many unread messages I have. And, yes, the "Dock unread count" is set to all mailboxes since I have multiple email accounts I check. Has anyone else had this problem and how do I fix it?
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Jeff Greenberg's response was brilliant! Thanks Jeff.
I have had 2 "unread mail" items showing up for weeks and have been agonizing over what and where they were, how important the "unread" mail was, and what life experiences, deals, etc., I was missing out on. Creating a Smart Mailbox showing Unread mail worked - one caveat however: Add a second condition - that the the Unread Mail be in your INBOX (forgetting to add this condition this showed me HUNDREDS of unread mail items that resided in my OTHER Smart Mailboxes).
It worked. I found, read, and deleted my "unread mail" - Nothing important. Thanks again!
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