Lightroom 4: Massive BUG with White Balance / Quick Develop. Totally Unreliable!


Lightroom 4: Massive BUG with White Balance / Quick Develop. Totally Unreliable!
I just recently updated from LR3 and just now found a massive bug concerning the white balance adjustments in the quick develop module.
After a studio shooting and especially after weddings I use the "make warmer" adjustment in the quick develop panel to give all (a few thousand NEFs) a nicer look all at once.
The great thing about this is - like all quick developments - that it increases the color temperature relative to each image's starting white balance.
Yesterday I wanted to edit my first wedding in LR4 and like in LR3 applied one click "make warmer" to all images at once (previously WB was "as shot").
While I browsed through the images to rate them I noticed some of them were very "pinkish".
After closer inspection it came out that a lot of images (50%-60%) had the following custom WB set: 5316, Tint: +10.
It is always this exact combination no matter what the "as shot" WB was.
That setting of course applies way too much magenta to a lot of images.
After resetting the WB of single images to "as shot" and selecting "make warmer" once again the images look fine and get appropriate WB values.
But every time I select more than one image to apply "make warmer" a lot of them get the strange value of 5316 and +10.
Sometimes it's even just the first few images of the selection that get correct values and all the following ones get the off value. It appears to be totally random.
I tried completely resetting all images prior to "make warmer", setting them to different camera profiles first and even switched them to Process 2010 again. But absolutely no luck!  :-(
The "make warmer" tool gives me totally unusable results.
I find it strange, that I couldn't find anything about that on the net.
PLEASE fix this ASAP.
To apply WB to thousands of images individually is a real pain.
I would be glad to support you fixing the issue.
My setup:
Nikon D700
Nikon D300s
(Both cameras affected, I only shoot NEF)
Win7 x64
LR4.1 as well as LR4.2 RC
I get your point but that is exactly my problem.
Not only is there no pattern but also once I reset a file that got 5316+10 to "as shot" and select "make warmer" for it again it does get the correct value! As long as I select it as a single file without others.
So just to simplify my findings and explain what I have been doing all night:
- SELECT 5 files in Library View (all freshly imported, no settings altered, WB "as shot")
File 1: 5700 / -8
File 2: 5500 / -8
File 3: 5550 / -8
File 4: 5450 / -6
File 5: 5500 / -7
- CLICK "make warmer" once
File 1: 6089 / -8
File 2: 5867 / -8
File 3: 5316 / +10
File 4: 5316 / +10
File 5: 5316 / +10
1 and 2 are okay!
- SELECT 3-5
File 3: 5550 / -8
File 4: 5450 / -6
File 5: 5500 / -7
- CLICK "make warmer" again
File 3: 5316 / +10
File 4: 5812 / -6
File 5: 5867 / -7
File 4 and 5 are okay!
- SELECT File 3 again
- CLICK "make warmer"
File 3: 5923 / -8
now File 3 is okay, too.
It is completely random!
But that is no way to work, of course.
I have two weddings from last week and am going nuts already.
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