Lost pink ipod touch 5


Lost pink ipod touch 5
My 9yr old daughters ipod was lost or stolen from McDonalds in Hanover pa on Eisenhower dr on thurs 2/14/2013 around 8:30pm. It is a pink ipod touch 5 with a purple hard case. On the case is black hearts with silver and white gems. This was a gift for my daughter and she is devasted that it is missing. All we ask is that it is returned. Nothing more will come out of it. If you have found it, seen it, or know who has it please be curtious and kind hearted to return it.
Thanks so much
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Did you set up find my ipod on the ipod itself?
Is the ipod on?
Is it connected to wi-fi?
If yes to all the above then go to icloud.com and see if you can find it.
Otherwise it cannot be tracked at all.
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