Macbook pro 15in 2011 with mountain lion installed- dropped wifi


Macbook pro 15in 2011 with mountain lion installed- dropped wifi
I am having a fit with my macbook pro - dropped wifi after sleep-  I did all the things suggested in another apple forum- my airport extreme is current with updates- renewed dhcp etc etc NOW  to be accurate my 2010 mac mini has no issue whatsoever--  this is driving me crazy-  I would have thought Apple would have fixed this by now -with the update 2 or 3 days ago but ha ha it did not-- but I can assure you that it is not a hardware issue as much as a mountain lion/ apple software issue- I have to restart my computer all the time to remain connected- can someone tell someone at apple about this- I sure am seeing a TON of people with the same problem- it is not allowing me to run smoothly-- as I had zero issues before the perfect install of mountian lion --from lion-- which my macbook came with-- I am also running Kaspersky for Mac and it is the 2013 version and today I had to restart change its proxy settings to get it to update and it was fine last week.
I am wondering if this has anything to do with the apps having to come thru the app store because a  time and moon phase widget I got when running lion from the app store is just blank now. Safari loses the ability to connect and I have to restart then all is well for an undetermined amount of time or an awake from sleep mode and its thank you apple turning my laptop into a  **** on earth- I thought I should put this out there for Apple to see.
For anybody whomay stumble across this post- it is an addendum to the originalpost
Just to be sure  it is an APPLE SOFTWARE ISSUE - ProbablySafari---I used my mac mini ( with mountain lion ) and-- it too drops wifi-- and the end  result is
the app store hangs and hangs and hangs
as it does my macbook pro -- they  BOTH have to be restarted-- then it is okay for a little while
THIS IS SO ANNOYING  ha ha-- in this instance caps does mean I am yelling lol
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