Ms 6340 ver.5 prob. xp1700+


Ms 6340 ver.5 prob. xp1700+
Heey, i got a problem with my ms-6340 motherboard.
I got a Windows XP 1700+ i doesn't go over 1232 mhz :O   !!
i have flashed my bios with the newest version and the cpu-support says that my motherboard can handel it ?(
what is wrong  ?(
Did you close J6 ( to set the FSB to 133MHz ) ?
page 2-27 in the manual
Setting the clock manually to anything between 100 and 133MHz overclocks the PCI and AGP.
If it still won't boot at 133MHz then the best theory is a heatsink mounted incorrectly and preventing the die from being cooled enough.
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