MSS 1.41 - General Data iView - Content not updated


MSS 1.41 - General Data iView - Content not updated
Hi Gurus,
This is the first time I have this clue and i'm not able to find anything in the forum concerning this topic.
A manager login the portal and selects an employee through Employee Search iView.
General data iview displays his organizational information but not updated.
This employee changed position on 01.01.2014, data are up-to-date in IT1 but still the oldest data are displayed.
Nothing can be customizing in SPRO neither in PCD.
Maybe a parameter to add in the iview config...
Iview used : mss.generalinfo_generaldata
Thank you in advance for your advices.
Did you check the org.unit and his positions relations ships dates are valid as per IT0001 record.
can you place the screen shots for more clear on this issue ...
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