My bookmarks take me to random sites instead of the corect ones


My bookmarks take me to random sites instead of the corect ones
So, my bookmarks take me to random sites instead of the correct ones. Sometimes they take me to a 'credit report' page, sometimes facebook and sometimes some site that I was on a few day before but did not bookmark. Some bookmarks work ok as well (about 10-20%). Its really confusing, seems like it could be a virus. As a mac user I have almost no experience of virus protection so I can't really tell.
Many of the bookmarks were imported from safari and still work fine in that program. I've tried emptying my firefox profile and reimporting the bookmarks from safari and from back ups but the same thing happens.
I have also tried clearing the 'places.sqlite' and 'places.sqlite-journal' files as I read that that can help, no dice though.
This has been bugging me for 3 days now and I have spent hours on it. I'm ready to give up on firefox now unless someone can help. Its a shame because I like the software but bookmaks are very important to me.
I've also tried deactivating all my plug-ins.
A fix would really make my day. Thanks in advance for an help you can offer!
Yes I did, just retried it now too, it makes no difference. The link you sent was the exact page I was looking for a solution on before coming here. Thanks though, massive kudos to anyone who can fix this!
I just tried to click a link for UK paper size, it loaded a google search for 'firefox bookmarks' ....what the hell is going on!
I attached a screen grab so you can see what my bookmarks look like, the page loaded is typical of the random places my bookmarks like to take me.
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