My Macbook Pro keeps crashing my internet.


My Macbook Pro keeps crashing my internet.
I have a 2011, 2.2 GHz Macbook Pro that is running OSX 10.9.4.
I have never had issues connecting to the internet or having my internet crash until I upgraded my laptop to OSX 10.9.
What is happening:
Every time I turn on my wifi or connect via an ethernet cable my internet drops in and out. Once, I turn off my computer or turn off the wifi I have no problems.
I know that it is specifically a problem with this machine because my other laptop, iMac, iPhones, and iPad can connect to the internet with no problems. The issues always starts when my Macbook Pro's wifi is turned on or is connected to the ethernet. I have even turned the wifi off for all other devices, connected my Macbook Pro, and I still have problems. 
My wireless: A less than a year old Time capsule.
Thank you for any help!
Please test after taking each of the following steps that you haven't already tried. Stop when the problem is resolved. Back up all data before making any changes.
Step 1
Take the applicable steps in this support article. The Wireless Diagnostics program generates a large file of information about your system, which would be used by Apple Engineering in case of a support incident. Don't post the contents here.
Step 2
Disconnect all USB 3 devices. If you don't know which are USB 3, disconnect all USB devices except keyboard and mouse.
Step 3
If you're not using a wireless keyboard or trackpad, disable Bluetooth by selecting Turn Bluetooth Off from the menu with the Bluetooth icon. If you don't have that menu, open the Bluetooth preference pane in System Preferences and check the box marked Show Bluetooth in menu bar. Test. If you find that Wi-Fi works better with Bluetooth disabled, you should use the 5 GHz Wi-Fi band. Your router may not support it; in that case, you need a new router.
Step 4
Open the Network pane in System Preferences and make a note of your settings in the Wi-Fi service. It may be helpful to take screenshots of the various tabs in the preference pane. If the preference pane is locked, unlock it by clicking the padlock icon and entering your administrator password. Delete Wi-Fi from the service list on the left by selecting it and clicking the minus-sign button at the bottom. Then recreate the service by clicking the plus-sign button and following the prompts.
Step 5
Reset the System Management Controller.
Step 6
Reset the PRAM.
Step 7
Launch the Keychain Access application. Search for and delete all AirPort network password items that refer to the network. Make a note of the password first.
Step 8
Make a "Genius" appointment at an Apple Store, or go to another authorized service center.
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