My songs keep disapearing!!!


My songs keep disapearing!!!
when I try to play a song an exclamation mark appears next to the song and asks me to locate it. This has happened to me several times now and is really starting to irritate me! if anyone has had the same problem or has a solution, please help! thanks
oliverCS wrote:
its just a few songs, mainly ones ive imported from a cd or a usb flash drive.
Hhhmmm! That doesn't seem to narrow down the possibilites ...
my itunes library is all stored on my computer, not on an external hdd.
Okay, so we can rule that out as the problem then.
yeah, i have tried but i cannot find them, i even tried searching for them on the start menu.
So either the files are being deleted by something (another programme) or they are being renamed - also presumably by another programme.
I don't know what is causing the problem, but did you check out the link that Katrina provided? (I hope the stuff about "junctions" makes more sense to you than it does to me.)
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