My Verdict on the iMAC als


My Verdict on the iMAC als
Well folks, after two months or so of ownership my verdict on the iMAC G5 17 inch als is: ...Pretty Good Machine!!!
Sorry if you expected better or worse...but there it is.
Am a switcher from MacroSoft and many build it yourself or Campaq/HP/Dell Pc's. Have been into computers since the early eight bit do it yourself years and am not easily awed. Always thought Apple computers were overpriced and too clickie for me.
Guess, what...the price is more than fair...and clickie can be ok in the world of PC smuggness. I mean that in a good way. And, the Apple discussion forums and their contributors have been a great help answering my newbie questions. The users seem to care that people have their questions answered.
Am now proud to be among the Apple Gang!!!
Is OSx (Tiger) really that much better than Windows. Yeah, I would say it is better. It does take some time to learn, but it is not hard. It really is very reliable and stable (something Windows never has been). I recently downloaded a spyware detection program which found none on my system after two months of high speed internet use. Also scanned for Viruses but found none. On any of my Windows machines with firewalls, anti spyware, and anti virus software, weekly scrubbing reveals dozens of parasites.
The Tiger OS loads very fast and is ready to go online within seconds of awakening the computer from sleep or turning the system on cold. Windows takes forever and then slows down as it is downloading software (spyware and virus updates usually). Overall, Tiger is far less frustrating to use and seems to reward efforts to learn something new. The help menues are very well done in my opinion.
What needs improving...well not much...would like more software available...but there is enough to meet my needs for now.
So would I buy a 17" iMAC G5 als again...NO!!...would get the new iSight or the 20" model . This is because I like the system sooooo much would spend more money next time around!!!
I've been using Macs now for about 5 years. I am always amazed at Windows users who complain so much about the platform they are using. They have just given up and assume that virsues, spyware, instability are a natural part of computing. They seem to assume that its just the small price we pay for having so much power at our fingertips and that all computers act this way.
When I tell them Macs just dont run this way, and that they DON"T have to put up with this, I get the obligatory " Yea sure!"
It really is hard to believe that the Mac platform is so stable and safe but its true. Its the easiest thing in the world. In fact it becomes so easy to pay attention to what you have at hand you forget you are using a computer and it just becomes an extension of your mind. How much more do we get done with our computers as Mac users? I'd imagine quite alot.
I had the rev A, iMac G5 1.8 20 inch model, and got it the day they came out. ( Drove 80 miles to get it so I wouldt have to wait for it to be shipped.) I had nothing but problems. In fact 5 individual waranty claims later I was lucky that Applecare replced it with the iSight model a year and 2 months later and out of waranty too! I couldnt be happier. This machine is amazing! So far not a single problem. ( Knock wood.)
for all you WIndows users thinking of switching, do it, you wont regret it. And you will wonder why you didnt do it years ago.
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