OOPS - Polymorphism in Detail


OOPS - Polymorphism in Detail
Hi All,
Polymorphism one of the back bone of OOPS. But men I don't have that much idea about this concept. Pls come along with details.
Any assistance would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.
Hi jverd,
Thanks for ur great suggession. But as a human being
every one has his/her own faults and limitations.Yeah. Not that that has anything to do with this.
Stop asking people here to
explain everything in detail for you.Its not only for me but for every one who is seeking
for the knowledge and sharing his/her knowledge and
experience.Irrelevant. Probably bullshit too. These forums are not here to answer broad questions by regurgitating what's already been said.
Are you taking
an essay test or something?No man never. If u feel like that, then I am very
sorry about it.If you're not, then I apologize. There are a lot of people who come here looking to cheat on schoolwork, and your posts bear some similarity to theirs.
As far compare with u my experience and knowledge may
be very less. Irrelevant.
But I am also working as a professional
with more than two years experience.Irrelevant.
But the thing is
even I am working as a programmer and writing codes,
I don't know the exact knowledge on this issues.Wich is why you need to do some research on your own. Seriously.
And if you must ask
these questions, make them more specific, and put
down what you think and ask for others'
comments on it.I will try man. I will try my level best.Good. Glad to hear it. Good luck, and when you have more appropriate questions, please, by all means post them.
I'm not being a butthole just for the fun of it. I want to help people, and I want you to learn what you need to know. It's just that the nature of this question (and I think at leasto one other you asked here) is not really appropriate to these forums.
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